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13,760 Feet - My Personal Hole in the Sky

13,760 Feet–My Personal Hole in the Sky

13,760 Feet – My third book is not a novel, it’s my memoir. Excerpts have appeared in Airways magazine (I’m a contributing editor), also AOPA Flight TrainingConnecticut NewspapersEpiphanyERAU EaglesNEST, So…StoriesThe Stoneslide Corrective, The Story ShackTARPA TopicsUnder the Sun, and Write This.

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13,760 feet cover 17 6x9 1 300Now taking orders for signed copies of the 6×9 paperback.
Note: there will be some delay in shipping as I have to handle these orders myself.
– 348 pages
– 6″ x 9″
– Paperback

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– A memoir with a soundtrack – 41 original songs – Memoir Photo Page

A210-COVERRead or listen to Chapter 1 (read-by-author) as it appears in Airways magazine (August 2013 issue):

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Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun

Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun

Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun – a survivor’s guilt story – Billy and Lindy wrestle with Oso’s untimely motorcycle death through music. – A novel with a soundtrack – 12 original companion songs

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Street Justice

Street Justice – When Billy’s Jeep breaks down, and a local repair shop rips him off on the repair, he writes a hate song about trashing the facility. Guess who the number 1 suspect is when life imitates art and the shop is wrecked? – Another novel with a soundtrack – 12 original companion songs






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