Adam Hill

Adam Hill

Adam Hill

I met Adam through (February Album Writing Month) where musicians meet online to collaborate on 14 songs in 28 days. I met Adam in person at FAWMstock 2011 at the Emlenton Mill in Pennsylvania. Adam’s FAWM screen name is easily remembered as Adam Hill. He lives in Ontario, Canada.

He accepted my challenge to sing the vocals for Anaphylactic Shock Reaction that is the companion song to my chapter Success and Silence in my memoir 13,760 Feet – Living with TWA Flight 800.


Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun – (Title Song)
– Words by Mark L Berry and Music by Adam Hill
– Performed by Adam Hill and Vocals by Valerie Cox

13,760 Feet--Living with TWA Flight 800

Plastic Bags and Tiny Tags
 – Performed by Adam Hill

Anaphylactic Shock Reaction
 – Performed by Kristian Borreson & Adam Hill


Adam has a website on Adam Hill


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