Deanna Williams

Deanna Belting It OutDeanna got invited into the Jefferson Studio Musicians by Don, an unrelated ‘Williams’. She belts out the vocals and was an instant hit with our group.




Pushing Leaves coverCan’t Say Goodbye
– Performed by Don ‘Lefty’ Williams & Cleveland Brown

Pushing Leaves coverScrewed at the Drive-thru
– Performed by Deanna Williams, Don ‘Lefty’ Williams, & Cleveland Brown
– Produced by Jeff Moseley & Don ‘Lefty’ Williams

Pushing Leaves coverThe Family Tree (Scuba’s Song)
This is the finished version at the request of Scuba
– Performed by Don ‘Lefty’ Williams, & Deanna Williams

Pushing Leaves coverCats
– Performed by
Deanna Williams, Cleveland Brown, Don ‘Lefty’ Williams, & John Krakowski
– Produced by Jeff Moseley and Cleveland Brown


Deanna Williams

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